Some tool stole my tools

So I woke up yesterday, checked the four tradie jobs I had scheduled to do that day, got dressed, and walked out my front door.

And then my heart sank. My van, parked in my driveway, full of my equipment and power tools had been broken into, and practically everything was stolen. It was gutted, and […]

What if your trade gets interrupted, lost, stolen or sued?

Being a tradie is challenging enough without having to worry about your tools getting stolen, a client or principal taking legal action against you, or the cost to your business (and your family’s lifestyle) if you become unable to earn a living.

If you run a trades business, there are some very real risks that […]

The worst thing happened at work

I own a national construction business which operates Australia-wide. The business employs over 60 staff across Australia, in a few different capacities.

Last month, the unthinkable happened – Trevor, one of my employees in Victoria, had a workplace accident and lost a finger in an industrial saw.

It’s hard to appreciate how it feels when someone […]

One Stupid Mistake

… well, that could have ended my career. I have an electrician business with my longtime business partner.

last year, were did a job on a building which featured motorised vents.

We’ve been doing jobs like this for over 15 years, and it was something we considered an easy gig. Despite this, somehow the wiring was reinstalled […]