How to Address Weaknesses in Performance Reviews

When it comes to doing performance reviews, you might at times need to address shortfalls in a worker’s performance.

Ideally this should be done in a way that is encouraging rather than negative. For instance, simply saying to a staff member “pull your socks up!” is hardly likely to make them want to do better!

One way to go about this is to keep the review as positive as you can. So, instead of focusing solely on areas for improvement, discuss the employee’s achievements as well.

This way they are more likely to feel that they are adding value to the business and are more willing to discuss any weak areas.

It’s a good idea to set specific goals to achieve before the next evaluation. By setting agreed-to goals in advance, you give the employee a clear path for improvement.

Another thing you might want to consider is the timing of reviews. By doing reviews more frequently than once a year, it may mean that problems are addressed before they compound.