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New Year Resolutions and Their Impact on Your Business

Once the New Year comes around, it seems everybody wants to set new resolutions. And why not? A new year can be a great time to reflect, revise and reset.

Resolutions often fail though, because creating a new habit and giving up an old one is hard work. Our brains naturally want to lead […]

4 Steps to a Great Risk Management Plan

A ‘risk’ is defined as anything that could negatively impact on your business. It’s impossible to eliminate all risks in a business, so you need to decide what level of risk you are willing to tolerate.

Business risks tend to fall into several categories. These include strategic, operational, compliance, financial, environmental and reputational. Creating […]

Tips for Start-ups: Taking a New Product to Market

Are you considering testing a new product on the market but not sure where to start? In this scenario, it’s important to know that the bigger you go in, the bigger the risk you take!

While taking risks is all part of the game, if you do go in too deep on your big […]

Are You Properly Prepared for Fire Season?

Fire season is back, and with many parts of Australia facing below average rainfall and drier conditions, it’s important for businesses and homeowners to be prepared.

This includes:

Mowing your lawns to keep the grass below 10cm.
Pruning trees and shrubs to reduce the risk of embers.
Getting your gutters cleared of debris.
Removing […]

Why Cyber Insurance is More Necessary than Ever?

As use of the internet continues to grow, so too does the threat of cyber attacks.

According to Symantec Norton, current trends indicate cyber crooks will steal 33 billion records in 2023. The Reserve Bank of Australia says the risk of attacks for Australian households and businesses is growing, and could threaten our country’s […]

The Importance of Having the Right Contract Works Policy

As we know, construction is full of risks, and this makes it crucial to have the right contract works policy for your financial protection.

Examples of construction project risks include damage to or theft of materials and equipment, natural disasters such as storms and fires, and third-party injuries or losses.

Contract works insurance is […]

Opal Tower Case Highlights Construction Risks

Sydney’s Opal Tower – the multi-storey building that suffered damage on Christmas Eve – will reportedly require significant repairs.
Residents evacuated the newly-built tower at Olympic Park after hearing loud bangs that turned out to be cracks on some levels. Many of the Tower’s residents have been staying in hotels at the builder’s expense while an […]

Are you ready for the Bushfire season?

Summer in Australia is associated with beach holidays, fun and Christmas, but it’s also the season when the risk of bushfire is greatest.

Bushfire season is fast approaching, so now’s the time to assess your risks, prepare your property and decide on an action plan in the event of a blaze.

Risk factors for […]

How to Address Weaknesses in Performance Reviews

When it comes to doing performance reviews, you might at times need to address shortfalls in a worker’s performance.

Ideally this should be done in a way that is encouraging rather than negative. For instance, simply saying to a staff member “pull your socks up!” is hardly likely to make them want to do […]

What Makes a Business ‘Ethical’?

Making money and having ethics are often seen as mutually exclusive, but the good news is they needn’t be.

In fact, making your business more about people than about profits can actually improve your bottom line.

Here are four ways you can create an ethical business.

1. An attitude of service

By focusing your […]