Margins in most industries are eroding. Some quite markedly. Fifteen years ago the retail margin on computer hardware was close to 50%, today it is less than 10%. Fifteen years ago real estate sales people were getting at least 3% commission on the sale of a property, today it is 2% if they are […]

Reliance Partners Hosts Breakfast with Martin Grunstein

We recently had the privilege of organising a breakfast presentation by customer service ‘guru’ Martin Grunstein for our partners and their clients at the Parmelia Hotel in Perth WA.

Martin is one of Australia’s most in-demand speakers on customer service. He has produced great results with more than 500 companies across 100 industries.

A […]

Preventing Office Injuries Through Good Ergonomics

Developing good ergonomic design in a workplace is a sound risk-management strategy for reducing the likelihood of injuries.

On hearing the word ‘ergonomics’, many of us might think of office chairs, and sitting correctly at our desks. But ergonomics is quite a bit more than that. It refers to the design and arrangement of […]

Managing the Risks in the Food and Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage is a challenging industry. Trends come and go, products fall in and out of favour and prices can fluctuate.

Things can also go wrong in production. The recent strawberry needle contamination scandal in Australia highlights some of the risks inherent in the industry. This series of food tampering events has impacted […]

Association Liability Insurance Explained

In the same way that a business might require insurance cover for key workers against legal liability that may arise in their work activities, so too might a not-for-profit organisation. This where Association Liability insurance comes in.

Association Liability provides financial protection for key personnel in not-for-profits, sporting and industry associations, and other similar […]

Top Tips for Motivating and Inspiring Employees

Anyone who has been a boss will probably know that even strong motivation can falter over time given the right (or wrong) circumstances.

So, how do you keep your employees inspired and motivated?

Here are five ideas to consider.

Nurture a positive workplace culture and environment. This includes creating a workplace focused on trust, […]

What it Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Virtually anyone can become an entrepreneur. Succeeding as one however is another matter entirely! Here are some of the ingredients necessary for entrepreneurial success.


Taking care of business really doesn’t mean being paid to do nothing! The more-likely scenario is working 10 to 12 hours a day. It’s also important to learn how […]

Crime-Proofing Your Business Premises

The more layers of security you have around your premises, the less likely it is that burglars are going to target it. This is because burglars tend to look for places where they can get in and out quickly and easily. Anything that can slow them down can aid in preventing a burglary.

What you can […]