Professional Indemnity insurance: Why would you need it?

I run a small business with a local directory. A few months ago, I produced an advertisement for one of my regular clients, nothing too big, just a newspaper spot, which I had done many times before. This advertisement was promoting his business, listing his phone number and web address.

For some reason, I printed the […]

Reliance Partners WA Oaks Race Day

WA Reliance Partners and clients had a great day out at the races with the Reliance Partners WA Oaks Race at Ascot Racecourse on Saturday 28th March 2015. Reliance Group is a major sponsor of the event, and our very own Noel Carter, Director of RP Fremantle presented the trophy to the winning horse and […]

Ever had a claim declined by an insurer?

We all know that sinking feeling when you have an accident or incident that requires an insurance claim. That feeling only gets worse if your insurance claim is declined and you’re left out of pocket.

Declined insurance claims are unfortunately an all too common occurrence. However, don’t assume that the initial ‘no’ you receive from your […]