Professional Indemnity insurance: Why would you need it?

I run a small business with a local directory. A few months ago, I produced an advertisement for one of my regular clients, nothing too big, just a newspaper spot, which I had done many times before. This advertisement was promoting his business, listing his phone number and web address.

For some reason, I printed the […]

Commercial Property Insurance

Reliance Partners is pleased to announce that we have partnered with one of the world’s largest property insurers to provide a strategic offering for commercial property insurance. This enables you to gain access to premium rates that are highly competitive within the market and in most cases will be less than quoted in the general […]

Storms and Floods are never expected, so be sure you are adequately prepared

Every year, Australians lose precious household possessions or have to temporarily close down their businesses because of damage caused by storms or flooding. At Reliance Partners we understand how important it is to keep your most prized possessions safe and to have your business running smoothly. As a result, we have made it our priority to best […]