Association Liability Insurance Explained

In the same way that a business might require insurance cover for key workers against legal liability that may arise in their work activities, so too might a not-for-profit organisation. This where Association Liability insurance comes in.

Association Liability provides financial protection for key personnel in not-for-profits, sporting and industry associations, and other similar […]

Attributes of Entrepreneurs Who Change the World

Some people just seem to have a knack for getting things done. Not just everyday things – but extraordinary and innovative things, such as you see with the Bill Gates’ and the Richard Bransons of the world.

So, what are some of the general characteristics of successful entrepreneurs who shake things up and change […]

Keeping Your Belongings Safe: 7 Tips for Daring Travellers

If you’re an adventurous traveller, it’s important to take steps to manage your risks while travelling. Here are some tips for keeping your belongings safe.

Keep the valuables to a minimum. This might mean leaving the 12-carat pink diamond necklace at home, unless you really need it for a special occasion (in which case […]

Why Choose a Broker Over a General Insurer?

When you’re running a business, you want to ensure all assets are protected regardless of future circumstances. It goes without saying, one of the most important things to get right to protect and help sustain your business is insurance.

Insurance brokers are professionals who specialise in providing expert advice in risk and insurance. An insurer is […]

Reliance PDM Training

(L-R) David Sneddon, Margaret Devine, Taryn Feeney, Janine Shipton, David Wyner & Anna Ciavarella

Last week our Partner Development Managers from across Australia gathered together with Reliance Franchise Partners Management and staff in Perth for what was a very productive three day training event. The training covered off the core aspects of RFP business management, including […]

RP Shepparton – Change of Account Manager

We at Reliance Partners are committed to maintaining a high standard of service, and it is with pleasure that I can now confirm that Tim Clarke will be servicing Shepparton clients as the Branch Manager, with the support of Fiona Cleak. Tim has over 15 years of insurance broking experience enabling him to offer the […]