Crime-Proofing Your Business Premises

The more layers of security you have around your premises, the less likely it is that burglars are going to target it. This is because burglars tend to look for places where they can get in and out quickly and easily. Anything that can slow them down can aid in preventing a burglary.

What you can do:

    – Install good external lighting and/or motion sensors around your property.
    – Reduce potential hiding spots such as shrubbery and other dark areas.
    – Use strong locking systems such as deadlocks on entry and exit doors, and locks on internal doors – particularly in areas where cash or other valuables are kept.
    – Protect windows with security locks or metal grilles.
    – Develop a key register to keep track of all keys or entry tags.
    – Install a monitored security system and alarm, and security cameras if necessary.
    – Keep your premises well maintained. A property that looks as if it has been neglected is more likely to attract burglars and vandals.

Anything you can do to prevent burglary not only reduces your risk but may also lead to fewer insurance claims, policy excesses and premium increases – it is well worth the effort in more ways than one!