Ever had a claim declined by an insurer?

We all know that sinking feeling when you have an accident or incident that requires an insurance claim. That feeling only gets worse if your insurance claim is declined and you’re left out of pocket.

Declined insurance claims are unfortunately an all too common occurrence. However, don’t assume that the initial ‘no’ you receive from your insurance company is final – legally you are entitled to appeal the decision, and fortunately, if you use an insurance broker you’re not alone during the battle.

Recently, our Malaga Reliance Partner, Aaron Wilson helped his client whose initial claim for fire and business interruption was declined by their insurance company who stated that the griller unit that had caught fire was beyond it’s serviceable life due to it’s age. Aaron managed to source previous service history documents that demonstrated that the unit was in fact in working order prior to the fire. As a part of the Steadfast network, policy wording and the tenacity of Aaron and our claims team, the outcome resulted in the insurer reversing their declination – replacing the griller, and reimbursing the client for loss of stock and income.

For more information, or to obtain a quote, contact Aaron on 0411 741 380, email awilson@reliancepartners.com.au or visit reliancepartners.com.au/partner/malaga/

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