Are You Ever Too Young or Too Old to be an Entrepreneur?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘entrepreneur’? A geeky kid developing software from their parents’ garage? Or do you think of an older person with lots of experience under their belt?

The fact is, there is no ‘ideal’ age to start up your own business, and successful entrepreneurs range in age from very young to the relatively old. For example, a 12-year-old created the Harry Potter fan website, while the founder of the Huffington Post online was 55.

The Ageless Entrepreneur report by software company Xero found that 60% of corporate workers consider going into their own business before they reach retirement.

Some people also choose to start up a business after retirement – often due to boredom and the desire for a challenge, or to pursue a passion or interest. The report also showed that 90% of the very young Australians surveyed wanted to start up their own business at some stage of their life.

Entrepreneurship consultant and expert George Deeb of Red Rocket Ventures believes age does not matter in entrepreneurial success. He does however say that experience counts – but this can be offset by surrounding oneself with experienced mentors.

People choose to become entrepreneurs for all kinds of reasons – from wanting more flexibility in their life, to simply wanting to create additional streams of income or to be their own boss.

Some commentators say that today is like a golden age for entrepreneurs with the easy availability of smart software, and the range of low-cost ventures that can be established.

So no matter your age, if you are keen to become an entrepreneur, don’t automatically think you are either too young or too old to make it happen!