Why You Need to be Asbestos Aware Before Picking Up Tools?

Being a hardy, lightweight and relatively inexpensive material, asbestos was widely used in construction projects in Australia between the 1930s and the late 1980s. Asbestos can be found in roofing material, wall-cladding, insulation, sealants, pipes and even floor-coverings.

In its undisturbed and tightly-bonded state, asbestos doesn’t pose much risk, and it’s usually not necessary to remove it. Once it becomes broken or worn however it’s a different matter. Actions such as grinding, cutting, sanding or inadvertent disturbance of asbestos-containing products can lead to a fine dust forming that can be very hazardous to health if breathed in.

It’s important to be aware of where there might be asbestos in a property, especially before you start work on repairs or renovations.

If the work is likely to disturb asbestos containing materials, you will need to call a licensed professional to remove and dispose of them.

Property owners and tradies can find out more about asbestos awareness and safety at the Asbestos Awareness website.