Noel Carter and the team at RP Fremantle Congratulate The Flower Factory and Varnish….

[fusion_text]The Flour Factory and Varnish on King, clients of Noel Carter and the team at RP Fremantle received some attention from the press (and a few celebrities) recently:

From The West Australian, June 26 2015

The northern reaches of King and Queen Street are coming alive as sharp operators realise the advantage they’ll have when the King Square development comes online.

The Flour Factory on Queen Street has completed its transformation and reopened yesterday. That means it will be THE place to be tonight.

Varnish on King: What do Richard Wilkins, Greens senator Scott Ludlam and a beaver have in common? They all have amazing hair and frequent this deeply cool whiskey bar, hidden below street level on King Street. Varnish is the Australian Hotel Association’s reigning best small bar in WA, FYI.

Photo credit: The West Australian[/fusion_text]