One Stupid Mistake

… well, that could have ended my career. I have an electrician business with my longtime business partner.

last year, were did a job on a building which featured motorised vents.

We’ve been doing jobs like this for over 15 years, and it was something we considered an easy gig. Despite this, somehow the wiring was reinstalled incorrectly, and when the motorised vents were next used, the motor operating them went in reverse.

This caused over $40,000 of damage to the building. The building owner (understandably) went nuts and threatened to sue us. How could we have made such a mistake? I had done this type of work literally hundreds of time.

Our partnership isn’t huge, so a $40,000 outlay for that month would probably have put us out of business.

Thankfully our trade insurance package organised through Steve, our Reliance Partners broker had included public liability insurance, and the cost of the damage was covered by the policy. We didn’t really think we needed it (and to be honest, I forgot we had it) but Steve had strongly recommended that it was a risk we needed to cover.

Without having had that insurance in place, this incident could have wiped out many months’ of profit for us. Steve had determined the right amount of cover at a great price for us, and basically, it allowed us to keep trading.

No matter how good or how experienced you are, mistakes happen from time to time. This is one of those rare occasions where things worked out. Tradies insurance is no longer an option in my mind, it’s an essential tool.