Meet Colin Shannon

Like many insurance advisors, Colin just ‘fell’ into the industry after previously working as a car salesman, then being offered a position to join the Finance & Insurance Department. Having owned a number of classic and modified import cars, Colin was fortunate to be able to combine his passion for motor vehicles with insurance, establishing a specialist finance and insurance multi-agency which laid the foundation for where is he today working as a business insurance advisor.

Colin is passionate not only about unique cars, but also about delivering an uncompromising level of service and advice. “Being told you are doing it ‘better than the other guy’ is always a great feeling, but nothing gives me a greater sense of achievement than when a client calls up saying they need to make a claim, and I know straight away they are going to be protected” says Colin. “Even in the most complex of situations with the likes of Business Interruption, Liability or Professional Indemnity, just simply knowing the job has been done right, I can stand right there with the client through what could be one of the most devastating times of their business life, and help them through to the end, that is why I am here, and that gives me the greatest buzz!”

“My aim is to be 100% contactable and approachable for my clients, if they want to see me, I want to be available,” says Colin.

Need Travel Insurance?

TravelCard provides exceptional coverage for peace of mind when travelling. If the unexpected happens, TravelCard will ensure claims are assessed, approved and paid – all while you are travelling#, with no out of pocket expenses.

TravelCard offers some great benefits including and not limited to:

  • Real-Time claim settlement on approved claims

  • 24/7 Global Assistance

  • No $ Excess on any claim

  • Cover for Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses

  • Cover for Trip Cancellation and Loss of Deposits

  • Cover for Luggage and Personal Effects

On journey medical, delayed luggage and Theft of Money claims approval subject to provision of all information to support the claim during the call.

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RP Nerang Pty Ltd
Colin Shannon
M: 0409 703 949
T: (07) 5519 3086

Suite 4, Fortune Place
2 Fortune Street

ABN 49 151 750 613 / CAR NO: 457473

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What Colins’ Client’s Say

“As a reputable Company we can highly recommend Colin, as nothing less than a Professional, who is passionate about his business, and takes it seriously. If every Broker were like that, no one would have to “shop” around.”
Chrissy Chapple, Renew Clean
Over the past 12 years, we have had over 4 different Brokers, couldn’t tell you their names, as we only hear from them when our renewals were due. Recently we had to make a claim, but weren’t given a lot of information other than….”make a claim”….not realising this would have a long term effect on our business. Fortunately through a friend, we found Colin at Reliance Partners Nerang, and he was professional enough to help sort out our Policies, even to the extent of revisiting an old claim, to un-tarnish our Company who has had a perfect record up till date. With regular communication, and the ease of explaining terms, it has reaffirmed our decision to move all our business to a firm, who have a personal interest in the future of our business.