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The ability to be autonomous and responsible for his own success drove Adam Russell to open his own business. “I could also see standards dropping in the industry with a lack of quality and knowledge and it drove me to set the bar higher.”

Adam has spent over 18 years as an Insurance specialist in Australia and New Zealand “In my work career I have worked as a risk surveyor & Underwriter for several major insurers, so I know how insurance companies think and how to plan, prepare and negotiate your quote, business insurance and claims”.

“My goal is to deliver local, professional and personal service, analyzing and providing commercial and personal insurance solutions through Melbourne’s northern growth corridor. To develop solutions to protect your business, staff, home, assets & liabilities against catastrophes and the unexpected”.

Adam is passionate about providing his clients and focuses on truly listening to what they need. “I try to put that passion and knowledge into what I do. I keep up to date with industry trends so I can provide the best advice for my clients, who are mainly hardworking small businesspeople, to help them protect their livelihood” he says.

“I believe in what we do. Without the professionalism, protections and risk management of our industry, society could not function as it does. Our industry helps protect capital, investment and jobs. We provide security and peace of mind to millions of individuals, employers, workers, and investors,” he adds.

Adam has a foot in the city with his office and staff located in Westmeadows / Tullamarine but lives in the country area of Wallan, just north of the city. The City of Hume is a place of great contrasts, with major industrial areas, thriving urban residential areas and vast expanses of rural land. An advocate of communities sharing knowledge and supporting each other, Adam says he believes business plays a role in in creating a sense of community between people. “I’m a big believer in using local businesses and services wherever I can”.

Adam has extensive experience insuring hospitality and motor trades business and Industrial Special Risks. He’s a keen rugby union supporter and player, coaches at the Wallan kids basketball league and is involved in the school committee.

Need Travel Insurance?

TravelCard provides exceptional coverage for peace of mind when travelling. If the unexpected happens, TravelCard will ensure claims are assessed, approved and paid – all while you are travelling#, with no out of pocket expenses.

TravelCard offers some great benefits including and not limited to:

  • Real-Time claim settlement on approved claims

  • 24/7 Global Assistance

  • No $ Excess on any claim

  • Cover for Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses

  • Cover for Trip Cancellation and Loss of Deposits

  • Cover for Luggage and Personal Effects

On journey medical, delayed luggage and Theft of Money claims approval subject to provision of all information to support the claim during the call.

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RP Tullamarine Pty Ltd
Adam Russell
T: 0401 415 888 | P: 03 5783 3406

P O Box 506, Wallan VIC 3756

ACN 163 288 971 / CAR 443460

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Save up to 25% on Trade Insurance

If you run a trades business, you need trade insurance.

Adam can get you the hottest deal on protecting your livelihood. You’ll benefit by:

  • Covering your Tools & General property from theft or loss
  • Protecting yourself from getting sued with comprehensive Liability cover
  • Keeping your Mobile and tablet/laptop covered
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Protect yourself from getting sued

If accidents or injuries occur as a result of your trade business, it can cost you dearly, and even put you out of business. Liability Cover can keep you protected

Cover your tools and electronic equipment

Without your tools, you can’t do business. Let Reliance keep everything you need covered with a comprehensive Tools & General Property policy

What if your trade gets interrupted, lost, stolen or sued?

If you run a trades business, there are some very real risks that you should protect yourself against, because accidents happen, and the customer isn’t always right.
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