Who doesn’t love a good night out or a few days away for some much needed R and R? We sure do. The restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, hotels and tour operators are to thank for providing these splashes of flavor in our lives. However, their business, like any other has an associated set of risks.

If you are in hospitality it is important that these risks are acknowledged and the business gains the best, most affordable coverage to ensure they can continue to operate even in the event of claim.

Reliance Partners have extensive experience in placing policies that allow hospitality businesses to stay alive, even when a claim must be made. Furthermore, our dedicated claims team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your livelihood remains intact.

If you have a specific insurance solution requirement, contact your local Partner.

Reliance Partners has access to a wide range of covers specifically designed for businesses in the hospitality industry, including restaurants, delicatessens, cafes, and more.Ongoing changes to legislation relating to licensed premise operations means that hospitality operators are required to take a detailed approach to protecting their staff, their business and themselves. Let Reliance Partners years of experience in this field get you the protection you need.

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