Manufacturing, has for decades, been the backbone of the Australian economy. Despite challenging economic times leading to some manufacturing being forced offshore, it is ever so vital that these businesses are covered sufficiently for their needs.

Across the Reliance Partner network, our experience with covering fixed assets, property, systems, equipment and raw materials for manufacturing, allows us to analyse your unique insurance and risk management needs to ensure you have the best coverage.

Your local Reliance Partner will work with you at your place of business to ensure each risks is apportioned its appropriate cover and help you plan for and avoid potential losses and liabilities.

If you have a specific insurance solution requirement, contact your local Partner.

From product recalls and equipment breakdown, to customer claims of injury or illness due to manufactured products, you need to know you have the coverage you want for the challenges you face as a Manufacturer. Reliance Partners has specialists around Australia who have a thorough understanding of the risks involved in the manufacturing industry, particularly the unique risks that occur throughout the manufacturing processes.

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