Reliance Partners Hosts Breakfast with Martin Grunstein

We recently had the privilege of organising a breakfast presentation by customer service ‘guru’ Martin Grunstein for our partners and their clients at the Parmelia Hotel in Perth WA.

Martin is one of Australia’s most in-demand speakers on customer service. He has produced great results with more than 500 companies across 100 industries.

A student of psychology and marketing from Sydney University, Martin has had over 30 years’ experience in marketing and communications. He teaches techniques for generating repeat and referral business, customising his teachings to individual organisational needs.

The topic at our event was “Making Profits in Changing Times”. The main points of the presentation included:

  • How customers make purchase decisions.
  • Reasons to do business with you that have nothing to do with price.
  • Alternatives to discounting that keep your bottom line healthy.
  • The difference between recognition and bribery.
  • What creates loyalty and referral business and what doesn’t.
  • Post-sale client recognition programs to generate loyalty and referral business.

Martin has a background in comedy writing and infused plenty of humour into the presentation. This made the event very enjoyable and entertaining as well as highly informative for attendees.