Some tool stole my tools

So I woke up yesterday, checked the four tradie jobs I had scheduled to do that day, got dressed, and walked out my front door.

And then my heart sank. My van, parked in my driveway, full of my equipment and power tools had been broken into, and practically everything was stolen. It was gutted, and so was I. How did I manage to sleep through this? More importantly, how am I going to get my jobs done today?

After freaking out for five minutes, I called the police and made a report. Then I called my insurance broker at Reliance Partners, to see what they could do.

It turns out, they could do a lot.

Reliance Claims took the details of the theft, my police report number, and even though I didn’t have the receipts for all my tools, I gave them photos of the boxes and instruction manuals, which was enough to satisfy the insurance company. A quick internet browse showed me how much it would cost to replace all my tools that day, which came up to just under $7,000.

Reliance Claims pushed through the claim approval from the insurer within 48 hours, and I was then able to go to Bunnings and replace the tools I needed which got me back to work fast.

Long story short, without this insurance, I would literally be out of business right now. And if it weren’t for Reliance Partners taking care of the policy and the claim, I would have had a lot of very angry customers. I can honestly say that I’ll never do business again without this kind of insurance in place.