Storms and Floods are never expected, so be sure you are adequately prepared

Every year, Australians lose precious household possessions or have to temporarily close down their businesses because of damage caused by storms or flooding. At Reliance Partners we understand how important it is to keep your most prized possessions safe and to have your business running smoothly. As a result, we have made it our priority to best prepare you in the event your home or business be subject to storm or flood damage. We have created a storm and flood guide with some useful steps to help you and/your business adequately prepare.

Storm & Flood Preparation Guide

  • Develop a storm and flood plan for your home and/or business;
  • Prepare an emergency kit;
  • Keep electronic and hard copies of all your important contact numbers, including that of your local Reliance Partner;
  • Understand your policy(s), in terms of storm and flood coverage;
  • Keep your insurance policy up-to-date to reflect the value of your property(s). If any improvements or changes are made be sure to inform your insurance broker;
  • Keep current records of your contents; and
  • Follow steps  which can minimize storm or flood damage to your property or business, for example;
    • Securing loose outdoor items;
    • Keeping gutters and downpipes clean; and
    • Having a builder check the condition of your roof and structural soundness of your home or business.

After a storm or flood:

  • Return to your property only after emergency services have advised that it is safe to do so.
  • Immediately, contact your local Reliance Partner insurance broker. They will be able to report and manage your claim on your behalf.

We understand that no one can ever be fully prepared for a storm or flood, but hopefully this short guide has provided some useful information. You can always be rest assured Reliance Partners have got you covered.