What it Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Virtually anyone can become an entrepreneur. Succeeding as one however is another matter entirely! Here are some of the ingredients necessary for entrepreneurial success.


Taking care of business really doesn’t mean being paid to do nothing! The more-likely scenario is working 10 to 12 hours a day. It’s also important to learn how to beat procrastination – especially if you are working from home. Check out some of our tips for this.


There is a saying “something’s got to give” and the same applies for success. It’s important to know that running your own business will impact on your personal and social life, and you should consider whether you are willing to pay that price.

Belief and vision

Being a success requires belief in what you are doing rather than a polished education. For example, millionaire Colin Wayne of Redline Steel went into steel home décor because he wanted these products himself, and as he was the target audience, the concept excited him.

Willingness to learn

You need to be adaptable to the changing marketplace rather than stuck in an old traditional mindset. The good news is you don’t need to be an expert on everything – you can always either learn new skills or outsource tasks to someone else.