About Us

Our most valuable asset is . . . You

Yes, we’re insurance brokers. We’re also insurance specialists, advisors and advocates with extensive knowledge of the industry and a passion for breaking new ground.

So, we’re different. Because every PSC Reliance Partner in the network is the owner of their own franchise, each customer receives the personal touch – attentive and professional service on the doorstep.

This puts each PSC Reliance Partner in a unique position. They offer customers tailored attention backed by the corporate power of a respected national network of insurance specialists.


The expanding PSC Reliance Partners network prioritises customer service. Quite simply, we put people before products.

We are committed to designing solutions to suit your individual needs and circumstances. Our collaborative approach enables us to share expertise, ideas, and current industry news – keeping you right on top of your business game.

We’ve proven our value many times over. A rapidly growing base of satisfied customers and clients are helping us grow our business.

Collaborative Strength

Are You Ready To Start Your Own Insurance Broking Business?

Enjoy the true power of numbers. Our established organisation can help you learn, collaborate and grow your business with the ongoing support of PSC Reliance Partners.

who we are

Meet Our Team

Meet our remarkable executive team. We think you’ll agree that Reliance Partners’ experience, expertise and insurance knowhow is second to none. We are all working towards the same goal – ensuring the ongoing success of our company, our franchisees and their valued clients. Reliance Partners wants to bring our very special approach to all Australians seeking superior insurance cover. So, this is really just the start.

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