Our Claims Management

About PSC Reliance Partners Claims

PSC Claims has over 20 years claims experience operating as an claims management provider, delivering claims to some of Australia’s largest corporations, while also servicing Reliance Partners, underwriting agencies, PSC Direct and PSC Broking Operations. As a result, we have a diverse range of experience and knowledge of the claims process.

We have a specialist team that looks exclusively after Reliance Partner claims as we understand that your claims are unique and we want to remove any hurdles along the way.

We understand that the effective management of our relationships and understanding our client’s needs is imperative to any claim, with the majority of our success determined by our ability to quickly, efficiently and accurately manage all claims matters.

At PSC Reliance Partners, we believe the claims experience is a fundamental part of our service and for many clients it is often a new and complex process.

Our goal is to remove the complexity out of the claims process and support our clients by:

  • Removing the stress and uncertainty of lodging a claim

  • Lodging claims quickly and explaining the next steps clearly

  • Improve understanding of  entitlements under your insurance policies

  • Support in navigating the claims process

  • Providing advice and recommendations on the best available options 

  • Acting as an advocate with the insurer on your behalf

  • Being empathetic and understanding your unique situation and business needs

With a team experienced Claims Executives, our PSC Reliance Partners team has an established wide range of claims management expertise.   

Every team member has the necessary insurance, technical, analytical, claims and risk management knowledge to ensure we manage claims impartially and with the required skills from start to finish. 

We have dedicated claims staff located throughout Australia managing claims nationally for our clients.  Having the support of PSC Claims team means we have the capacity to act quickly and move resources in the case of a large event.

Need to Lodge a Claim?

At PSC Reliance Partners, we see managing your claim to be an integral part of our service. Making a claim following an accident, loss or injury is a simple process.