5 Tips for Setting Business Goals You Can Actually Follow

5 Tips for Setting Business Goals You Can Actually Follow

As so many people know, making business goals is easy. Making them happen – well, perhaps not so much!

This is where having a system comes in. Systems are what enable you to make daily progress towards your goals and achieve results.

As habits guru James Clear puts it – goals determine your direction, while systems determine your progress. So, while you might have a goal to play Beethoven brilliantly at a concert, your system is your daily piano practice schedule.

Tips for sticking with goal systems:

  1. Prune your competing goals. This might require eliminating some goals or putting less important ones on pause.
  2. Create triggers for your system. This is known as ‘habit stacking’ – doing something at the same time as you always do some other habitual thing. For example – if you check email at 8am every day, you could make this time a trigger to do a social media post as well.
  3. Set maximums as well as minimums. Instead of just saying “I want to gain five new customers this week”, set an upper limit as well, such as “at least five but no more than eight”. This method helps make goals more sustainable.
  4. Measure your progress. Just the act of keeping track of your progress can help motivate you to show up!

Overall though there is no one ‘right way’ to achieve goals. The trick is to find what works for you and stick with that.