Could Greater Agility in HR Improve Business Success?

Could Greater Agility in HR Improve Business Success?

Modern business environments change fast, and businesses need to be able to adapt accordingly by becoming more “agile”. This is especially true of HR departments, which play a crucial role in supporting the organisation with resources.

Agility is all about learning and responding quickly. It will often encompass taking a less linear approach and a more iterative one. You could say it’s more about looking at where you want to go, rather than how to get there.

Certain things can slow down agility. This includes slow decision-making and resistance to change.

Encouraging HR agility

One of the ways to improve HR agility is through the use of agile tools. An example is feedback tools that provide employees with information during the year on how they are performing. Proponents of HR agility say this is a better approach than waiting until the end of the year for a performance review. It allows employees to make continuous changes and adjustments, and it can also lead to better results on projects.

21st century HR departments are also no longer just about people management. They provide the company with value by facilitating growth and greater efficiency.

In this sense, improving agility within HR could go a long way towards helping the broader organisation achieve success.