How to Travel Light for Business Trips?

How to Travel Light for Business Trips?

If you regularly travel for work, do you find lugging heavy bags around can spoil your trip? Or does the packing process itself drive you up the wall each time? There are ways to pack light, without leaving anything important behind. 

Here are some tips we’ve compiled from experienced business travellers. 

Your bags

Instead of lugging a heavy suitcase, why not consider a lightweight and functional backpack? If backpacks are not your thing or not a good look on a business trip, you could always consider a lightweight rolling suitcase that’s easy to glide along. 

Some travellers recommend only taking carry-on luggage on planes. Not only will you travel lighter, you will save waiting time at the baggage carousel. You will also have the security of knowing you have all your valuables at hand. 


Some frequent travellers recommend simplifying colour schemes so you can mix and match items and reduce the amount you need to take. Others suggest laying your clothes out before you go to make sure everything necessary is included – without anything extra. 

If you are taking a suit, one tip for preventing creases is to turn it inside out and wrap it round other soft items of clothing. 


Toiletries are always a necessity on a trip. You will save bulk and weight by taking mini-toothpastes and smaller amounts of each item in containers. Another option is to take a travel kit that’s always at the ready when you need to go. 

Other tips

If you travel a lot, you have an opportunity to learn from your experiences. Make a note of what did and didn’t work when you return so you’ll know next time. 

Lastly, don’t forget to update your travel insurance before you go. Travel insurance provides financial protection for lost luggage, medical expenses while travelling and more. Get in touch with your broker for more information.

Happy travels!


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