6 Tips for Using Social Media in a Digital Marketing Strategy

6 Tips for Using Social Media in a Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media provides some great opportunities for low-cost or even free marketing, and it can also help you build audience engagement. 

Here are six ways to incorporate social into your content strategy:

  1. Create a range of content: Social media provides the opportunity to share all kinds of content that is useful to your target audiences – such as podcasts, webinars, videos, blogs, infographics, articles and more. 
  2. Tell a story: Because social media is by nature very ‘social’, it can provide a great opportunity to tell a story about your brand and engage with your audience through narrative rather than just through marketing spiel. 
  3. Invite user-created content: One way to engage with your audience is to invite them to post their own content – such as photos of how they use your products for example. To make it more fun, offer a prize or gift for the best one. 
  4. Advertising: Platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn can enable you to test your advertising strategies in a relatively low-risk way, so you can see what works best for you and what does not. These platforms also allow you to easily target specific audiences and set your own budget, so you get to control how much you spend on your ads. 
  5. Monitor the competition: With social pages often being so public, you are provided an opportunity to check out what your competitors are doing. 
  6. Listen to your audience: This one is more important than ever! Social media involves a lot of talking, giving you a great opportunity to listen to people and discover what solutions they are looking for, what they are not-so-happy about, and so on. 

Social media lets you go beyond the process of straight marketing and advertising into really understanding your audiences and building better relationships with them.