Why Joining PSC Reliance Partners Makes Sense

Why Joining PSC Reliance Partners Makes Sense

Are you interested in starting your own insurance broking business? 

At Reliance Partners, we have developed what we consider to be a ground-breaking approach to insurance services, through our franchised broker network. Each Reliance partner owns their own franchise, which means they are invested in looking after their customers and growing their business. 

As a Reliance Partner, you are provided with a higher level of support and benefits than in a standard Authorised Representative broking network. As well as a 50/50 joint venture with PSC Insurance Group, this includes a line of credit to get started, business coaching, assisted referrals, national marketing campaigns, an assisted growth model, and access to one of the largest ranges of quality insurance products in Australia.

So, if the answer to our first question is “yes”, and decided to find out more about our growing network of Authorised Representative partners, follow the link, Become an AR Partner.

Similarly, get in contact with Shane Upton on 0400 438 159 or by email at supton@reliancepartners.com.au to find out more!

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