Contents Insurance: Are the Kids Covered in Your Policy?

Contents Insurance: Are the Kids Covered in Your Policy?

A contents insurance policy can provide cover for your furniture, household goods, appliances, artwork, jewellery, computers, window coverings, tools, musical instruments, lawn mowers and more.

This means you are financially protected in case of losses from events like theft or catastrophes such as fire.

But like a lot of policyholders, you might not realise that it likely doesn’t cover any adult children living in the house. It may be necessary to name them on the policy as co-insureds.

This can also be the case if you have a separate property that your kids live in, either in your own name or that of a business or trust. In this situation, you would also need to add your children’s names to the policy to ensure they are protected.

If you are not sure about your contents policy or you would like to discuss adding your kids’ names as co-insureds, contact your local Reliance partner.

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