Is Your Farm Adequately Covered?

Is Your Farm Adequately Covered?

If you run a farm, you need to make sure you’re financially protected for the specific risks it carries. This involves having an insurance policy tailored for farms rather than general business or property.

As the 2020 bushfire crisis shows, it’s important that your policy provides adequate cover for major catastrophes. Cover for bushfires can’t prevent them from happening, but it can enable you to rebuild following a bushfire, and recover your farm quicker than otherwise.

A farm policy can provide cover for home and contents, vehicles and farm equipment, farm liability, personal accident, livestock, crops, fencing, farm buildings, theft and burglary and property in transit.

Business interruption insurance is also crucial if you run your farm as a business rather than a hobby, to cover you for loss of income and ongoing expenses and obligations.

To discuss how much cover you need for bushfires, or farm insurance in general, get in touch with your local Reliance partner.

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