Is Your Motivation Lagging? Here’s How to Make It a Habit!

Is Your Motivation Lagging? Here’s How to Make It a Habit!

Motivation can be great for getting started on a business idea. But as many of us know, motivation can wax and wane. So, how do you get and stay motivated? Habits guru James Clear has some suggestions.

Start the momentum

Objects set in motion tend to stay in motion. In the same way, motivation often comes after taking action. This could include starting the first sentence on your report or making that first phone call. Once you’ve taken a step, you’re more likely to keep going.

Schedule your motivation

By scheduling a task for the same time each day, you can make it a habit – and you don’t waste energy deciding what you are going to do!

Commit to finishing

Completing tasks or jobs can be very satisfying and almost always feels good. Commit to completing your task even if you don’t feel like it, while recognising that the discomfort is temporary.

Recognise this is normal

Flagging motivation is a normal human trait. The key is to develop a system for creating momentum and improving motivation that works best for you!

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