Top Tips for Bouncing Back from Bad Business Reviews

Top Tips for Bouncing Back from Bad Business Reviews

When it comes to business reviews, we are often inclined to react far more strongly to one negative one than to ten positive ones! But it’s important not to take negative reviews too personally and to address them in a positive and sober manner.

Here are some tips from those in-the-know.

Don’t ignore negative reviews

A bad review provides an opportunity to engage with the person making it and to address their concerns, and maybe offer a remedy such as a discount or voucher.

If you do think the review is incorrect, avoid going into full battle mode! If you choose to respond, do so calmly, politely explaining things from your point of view. 

Don’t get personal

Reviews are usually shared in public. If you get personal, it could spread and go viral – which won’t be a good look for your business! It could also make you appear very oversensitive to criticism.

Create some standard responses

Create some standard but editable responses to different types of bad review scenarios that you can use as templates.

An example could be: “Thank you for your feedback [name]. I’m sorry you had this experience and we will take your concerns on board”.

Embrace reality

Lastly, accept some bad reviews are inevitable. People have different attitudes, and there will always be those that won’t like your product, service or even decor!

If you can accept some negative reviews as being par for the course, you will be less inclined to take them to heart or to overreact when they do occur.

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