Why the 4th Industrial Revolution Could Be Good for Workers

Why the 4th Industrial Revolution Could Be Good for Workers

We are hearing quite a bit in the media about the ways emerging technologies could impact jobs and the world of work in the future. While the message doesn’t always sound so positive, this “4th Industrial Revolution” could be very good for workers.

At least that’s the view of the Head of Monash Business School, Professor Simon Wilkie. Here are his reasons.

  1. It’s always been the case that as old jobs become obsolete, new ones are created – and this trend will continue in the 21st century.
  2. New technologies will not only create highly-skilled and well-paid jobs (such as coding) but also many complementary supporting roles – especially as soft (human) skills become more valuable.  
  3. As workers in supporting roles get away from rote mechanical tasks, their jobs will become much more rewarding.
  4. More importance will be placed on ‘humanness’, connection and creativity – allowing workers greater self-expression in their job.
  5. The technological revolution is expected to open up a period of sustained growth, which could lead to greater equality and wealth distribution in society.

Professor Wilkie says the future is very bright. Let’s hope he is on the right track regarding his predictions for the future!


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